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Xdialog documentation - GTK+ options


As most GTK+ programs, Xdialog does recognize the GTK+ options. Only a few of them are actually useful though (most of them dealing with GTK+ debugging facilities).

Available GTK+ options (1):

(1) there may be more or less options available, depending on the GTK+ version, please refer to the GTK+ documentation for options actually available on your system.

  • --display <display>

    This option allows to specify a X <display> on which the Xdialog window is to be open. This is useful when invoking Xdialog from a script executed by a daemon (e.g.: atd or crond) which does not set the $DISPLAY variable needed by GTK+.

  • --name <name>
  • --class <class>

    These options allow to set respectively the <name> and the <class> of a GTK+ program, for use by the window manager. Xdialog got its own --wmclass option that sets both its name and class to the same value. You may still want to use these two GTK+ options if you need to set different name and class values.

  • --sync

    Tells GTK+ (actually the GDK part of GTK+) to make X calls synchronous. This will give very smooth display updates, but very slow as well... No practical use.

  • --no-xshm

    Prevents GTK+ (actually the GDK part of GTK+) to use the X shared memory extension. In case your X server XSHM is broken (in this case, upgrade !)... No practical use.

  • --g-fatal-warnings

    Make all GTK+ warnings fatal. Xdialog does not make such warnings to be issued (if it does, it is a bug, please report it !). But you may encounter GTK+ warnings while using Xdialog if your own GTK+ configuration is wrong (e.g. if you are using a GTK+ theme needing for a specific gtk-engine which is actually missing from your system); in this case you will also encounter the same warnings using any other GTK+ application. Using this option will make Xdialog to be killed when a warning is issued rather than reporting this warning on Xdialog stderr (and therefore possibly polluting the strings returned by Xdialog, when the --stderr option is in force). For debugging purpose, no practical use.

  • --gtk-module <module>

    For additional module loading. Not needed by Xdialog.

  • --gtk-debug <flags>
  • --gtk-no-debug <flags>
  • --gdk-debug <flags>
  • --gdk-no-debug <flags>

    Set/unset GTK/GDK debugging <flags>. For debugging purpose only, no practical use.

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